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it's pretty sad, but kind of funny

when someone goes so low as to talk shit to you in text messages, as if you can't just save them. HELLO, i can, and i will. you're an asshole, who needs to get a life. get over yourself, and stop bothering those of us who don't like you. if you say you've never liked me, THEN WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL HARASSING ME? a duh, let's not being fucking stupid. the smartest thing to do would be to NOT bother me, like i'm NOT bothering you. i bet you wonder why your calls go un-answered, or your texts go un-replied, it's because i DON'T like you either, and am therefore IGNORING you. don't worry though, buddy, the cops are getting bothered almost daily, with complaints of harassment on you. so, keep up the good work, and let the cops keep getting more shit on you.

i'm leaving this journal entry public, because i HOPE you read it.
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