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the past 3 days

they've been kind of a blur. they've gone by fast, but they were well worth it. thursday i was out a LOOOOOOOOT longer than i was planning to be. do i regret it? not at all. the official plans were to eat chinese food with liam, and rhys. after doing that we went to a record store, then the mall, then the grocery store, and rhys ended up inviting liam and i over for dinner. it turned into a dinner party and brandon (rhys' roommate) and nate were there as well. had a couple beers, some curry, and ended up getting home about 3:30-4 am. woke up yesterday around 10, took a shower, ate some lunch quick and then went down to uw fox to meet sarah. after meeting her, we went to lawrence where i got a guided tour. i absolutely love that campus, i want to go there badly, unfortunately i might have to wait another half-semester or so. after the tour at lawrence sarah and i went to some coffee shop got gelato and coffee. after our gelato and coffee we were walking down college ave. and spotted calebs car, saw he got a parking ticket and i tried calling him. got no answer and ran into 1 of sarahs friends who was trying to sell his cello. after talking to her friend for a while we went shopping, but i actually didn't buy anything! after shopping we went back to the school to go to the planetarium. we got there early so we went down to the weis museum at the school and talked to gary who runs the museum. sarah told him that i'm a very awesome person, and a hard worker yadda yadda, was offered a job on the spot. i didn't fill out an app. and didn't ask if they were hiring, so now i have a job! very excited. after the planetarium show was over, i went to liams apt and picked up him and alex and we came back to my place where we ate dinner and i proceeded to cream them both at life! im a winner at life! :D
this morning we had to wake up god blessed early to go to milwaukee where alex had orientation for his job. we got there 15 minutes early, and there was no one around! it looked kind of sketchy and we waited around for about 20-25 minutes before giving up. after we left we decided to go to caribeau coffee where liam had a friend who was working. after hanging out with her friend for awhile we decided to go to chicago. we were about 80 miles from chicago when liam decided it was too far. not going to chicago anymore we decided to go to the zoo, and proceeded to pass it about 3-4 times and yet it disappeared into oblivion. we could NOT find it to save our lives. liam was getting a migraine and i was disappointed that i couldn't see any polar bears so we drove around for a few hours before coming home. i have homework to finish either later tonight, or tomorrow for english. stupid bill assigning us a paper over spring break. pft!
back to school on monday, which i don't want. this week has gone by wayyy too fast. i'm excited that i got to see rhys and liam, and i'm excited that i got a job! here's to new beginnings and a summer of fun!


it's supposed to snow more tonight/tomorrow and i don't want it to!
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