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hawaii [25 Sep 2010|11:38am]
[ mood | happy ]

hawaii is awesome, and i love it here, and dont think i ever want to leave this place. espeically considering the flight is a fuckin pain in my ass. 14 hours? yeah, dont wanna do that again mmkthx. got to share the water at the beach where you can wash the beach sand off your feet, with a homeless man brushing his teeth at the beach, that was quite awesome, as he wouldnt quit staring at me in my bikini and making me feel fucking awkward. homeless people are awesome.

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raaaaaaage [19 Jan 2010|11:31am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I hope everyone that works in the Student Services Office gets even by velociraptors.

That is all. Good day

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it's pretty sad, but kind of funny [15 Jan 2010|03:31pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

when someone goes so low as to talk shit to you in text messages, as if you can't just save them. HELLO, i can, and i will. you're an asshole, who needs to get a life. get over yourself, and stop bothering those of us who don't like you. if you say you've never liked me, THEN WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL HARASSING ME? a duh, let's not being fucking stupid. the smartest thing to do would be to NOT bother me, like i'm NOT bothering you. i bet you wonder why your calls go un-answered, or your texts go un-replied, it's because i DON'T like you either, and am therefore IGNORING you. don't worry though, buddy, the cops are getting bothered almost daily, with complaints of harassment on you. so, keep up the good work, and let the cops keep getting more shit on you.

i'm leaving this journal entry public, because i HOPE you read it.

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Elvis [08 Jan 2010|03:00pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Elvis movie marathon today, sweet!

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=] [11 Sep 2009|03:06pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I love all of my friends at school, even mr_liam_to_you . They really know how to make me laugh and have a good time. I miss them all, a lot. I had a really good time seeing them again, and need to see them more often *sigh*

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RIP Midnight [12 May 2009|08:45am]
[ mood | depressed ]

i woke up this morning to find that you left me in the middle of the night, i don't know why. i knew you were sick, but why? i miss you so much already. i cant quit crying, i wish you were here still. i will never forget you, ever.

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work [11 May 2009|12:03pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

so i'm at work right now, and i'm supposed to be at a history club meeting. i'm covering a shift for liam, and i'm perfectly content in doing so, as i need money. well bonehead rhys doesn't seem to understand that, and is upset that i'm missing the meeting. i realize that it is an important one, but he's the president. if he can't handle the meeting all by himself, without me being there, what's that say about him? ah well, i'm not going to let him get my good mood down.

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i was an epic winner today [22 Apr 2009|08:15pm]
[ mood | amused ]

and liam was there to witness the whole thing. i'm taking a geology class right now, which over half the class is failing, because the professor is horrid. anyhow, for an extra credit assignment we have to give ourselves a self-guided tour at the museum at school ... the one liam and i both work at. anyhow, i'm standing inside the gift shop with liam, and a guy from my class comes in asking for a packet guide to be able to do the hand out. keep in mind, i don't remember EVER seeing this guy in class before, anyhow i make casual small talk and said 'oh, when do you have geology?' he says '... i have class with you' i say 'oh really? i've never seen you before' he says 'yeah ... i sit right behind you' this is where i had a major facepalmage. liam high-fives me for being full of the smartz. nevermindthefactthattheguyisprettyhotandiembarresedmyselfinfrontofhim. nooo! we're going on a field trip on saturday for that stupid class and i was almost ALMOST tempted to say 'you should totally sit on the bus next to me' but then reality gave me a quick slap in the face and i remembered that tasha and i are buddies on the little yellow bus. friday i'm dedicating that evening to writing a paper for wallers class, ugh. cannot ... wait ... till ... political science ... is over...

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[09 Apr 2009|01:32pm]
[ mood | angry ]

i am so fucking pissed. i'm so sick and tired of the childish shit here, it's making me sick. i am ready to fucking explode. i'm tired of rhys and i being singled out of CAB events, then later being bitched to because we didn't help out with anything, or didn't show up to any meetings. i'm seriously ready to cry, i'm so fucking frustrated with all of this shit. here is a BIG FUCK YOU TO AMANDA NUSSBAUM AND CHRISTINA STEVENS. I fucking hate you both, more than either of you will ever know. I don't even want to be here anymore!!

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Writer's Block: No Foolin' [01 Apr 2009|04:44pm]
What's the best April Fool's joke you've seen today?

the best April Fool's joke I saw today was trying to log in to my campus email and getting rickroll'd instead!

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the past 3 days [28 Mar 2009|06:39pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

they've been kind of a blur. they've gone by fast, but they were well worth it. thursday i was out a LOOOOOOOOT longer than i was planning to be. do i regret it? not at all. the official plans were to eat chinese food with liam, and rhys. after doing that we went to a record store, then the mall, then the grocery store, and rhys ended up inviting liam and i over for dinner. it turned into a dinner party and brandon (rhys' roommate) and nate were there as well. had a couple beers, some curry, and ended up getting home about 3:30-4 am. woke up yesterday around 10, took a shower, ate some lunch quick and then went down to uw fox to meet sarah. after meeting her, we went to lawrence where i got a guided tour. i absolutely love that campus, i want to go there badly, unfortunately i might have to wait another half-semester or so. after the tour at lawrence sarah and i went to some coffee shop got gelato and coffee. after our gelato and coffee we were walking down college ave. and spotted calebs car, saw he got a parking ticket and i tried calling him. got no answer and ran into 1 of sarahs friends who was trying to sell his cello. after talking to her friend for a while we went shopping, but i actually didn't buy anything! after shopping we went back to the school to go to the planetarium. we got there early so we went down to the weis museum at the school and talked to gary who runs the museum. sarah told him that i'm a very awesome person, and a hard worker yadda yadda, was offered a job on the spot. i didn't fill out an app. and didn't ask if they were hiring, so now i have a job! very excited. after the planetarium show was over, i went to liams apt and picked up him and alex and we came back to my place where we ate dinner and i proceeded to cream them both at life! im a winner at life! :D
this morning we had to wake up god blessed early to go to milwaukee where alex had orientation for his job. we got there 15 minutes early, and there was no one around! it looked kind of sketchy and we waited around for about 20-25 minutes before giving up. after we left we decided to go to caribeau coffee where liam had a friend who was working. after hanging out with her friend for awhile we decided to go to chicago. we were about 80 miles from chicago when liam decided it was too far. not going to chicago anymore we decided to go to the zoo, and proceeded to pass it about 3-4 times and yet it disappeared into oblivion. we could NOT find it to save our lives. liam was getting a migraine and i was disappointed that i couldn't see any polar bears so we drove around for a few hours before coming home. i have homework to finish either later tonight, or tomorrow for english. stupid bill assigning us a paper over spring break. pft!
back to school on monday, which i don't want. this week has gone by wayyy too fast. i'm excited that i got to see rhys and liam, and i'm excited that i got a job! here's to new beginnings and a summer of fun!


it's supposed to snow more tonight/tomorrow and i don't want it to!

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school stuff [21 Mar 2009|01:32pm]
[ mood | confused ]

so talking to my dad last night has got me thinking about school. no, I'm not planning to drop out again. although the first time I did wasn't my fault ... for those of you who can remember that I broke my leg and was in the hospital a week and on bed rest a couple months. Anyhow, talking to him last night has really got me thinking, a lot. Rachel wants me to go to UW Green Bay with her, and while it's a great school, I don't really think that's where *I* want to go. In fact, I don't think Wisconsin is the right place for me to be going to school. I'm really thinking I want to try the whole living in California thing again, this time staying longer than a month, and transferring to a school out there for the fall semester. what does that mean? APPLY NOW NOW NOW. I don't know if that's what I want to do or not though. I'm so confused, and feel so lost. I feel like if I leave UWFV and not go back in the fall, that I will be disappointing someone, and not myself. I don't know what to do. the only person that I've talked to about this is my dad. no one at school. I'm 26 now, but some days I don't even feel ready to live on my own again since I've been living with my dad again for over 3 years. times like these are when I really feel like crying. I want some one to tell me that whatever I decide to do, will be the right choice. Most of all I want support from those who say they're my friend, no matter what choice I make.

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[20 Mar 2009|06:12pm]
[ mood | at myself ha ]

dear livejournal :

talking about having sex with certain professors is definitely for the lulz D:

yet somehow I found myself questioning why i choose to hang out with just guys the days I do. but if God damn it doesn't stop me from crushing on said guy. bah!

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today [16 Mar 2009|10:17am]
[ mood | chipper ]

has started out good so far. rhys is in a good mood today and it's nice. he was in a good mood on saturday, but it's nice seeing him in a good mood at school for a change. I wrote a paper in English and got a C on it and got excited as I honestly did better than I thought I was going to do. The professor said I need to learn MLA style and citations properly which is really the only thing holding me back. hopefully the rest of my day keeps going the way it is.

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my day yesterday [15 Mar 2009|11:13am]
[ mood | chipper ]

yesterday from 9:30-5:30 was an extremelyyyyyyy long day, especially after Liam left me. The Fox Rocks Show was not fun at all, and I'd fall asleep on the job if I were a geologist. After that though was my party. We were going to go bowling, but the lanes were all filled so we ended up going to Funset Blvd. I had a lot of fun, for the most part. For awhile my sister was being an un-necessary jerk, but with my friends around I wasn't letting it bring me down and ruin my night. Rachel got me a pretty sweet belt for my birthday, that has dinosaurs on it! Rhys got me Hotel Rwanda, and Alicia bought me a ticket for the bumper cars for my birthday, but her husband made me that birthday cake and I wasn't expecting anything more. Andy didn't get me any gift, but I really wasn't expecting anything from anyone. Ryan showing up was a surprise, but it was kind of amusing. He showed up and Tiffany started getting awkward. All in all it was a good night, I have the best friends.

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My birthday [14 Mar 2009|08:41am]
[ mood | chipper ]

my birthday yesterday was such a good day. I had to go to school for the very first time yesterday on my birthday, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I had such a good time all day. Alicia dragged me to her house yesterday after class, I didn't really want too, because I knew her husband was going to be there, and I don't really like him all that much ... but yesterday was completely different. He had a different attitude, and even MADE ME A BIRTHDAY CAKE! YES!! We went to Alicia and Davids Church last night to watch some movie that made Alicia and I cry. than I met my family at a bar as they were there getting schwasted without me. My mom had her friend make me a card for my birthday, which the thought was nice, but the card wasn't. It was an old calendar glued to a stock card and folded in half. Today I get to work the rock show all day at school, than an hour later go to my 4th birthday party. I hope ya'll have a good weekend! liam, I will be seeing you today! yay!

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selling candy [07 Mar 2009|11:43am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

hey liam,

that box of candy that rhys gave me yesterday, i figured out a new strategy and already sold it all. no, it did not involve selling the whole box to 1 person. but i've now sold two boxes! :D:D:D

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[01 Mar 2009|12:54pm]
[ mood | calm ]

yesterday was a good day, spent it with Rachel, Alicia, a certain boy, and my sister. We went to lunch, a museum, than drove around for awhile. Today I'm going shopping with my sister at the outlet mall, might buy a dress or two. w00t! my birthday is in a week, yayyyy!

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I love having pretty good days,like today [26 Feb 2009|04:50pm]
[ mood | content ]

my day in +'s and -'s

+ = rhys wanting to hang out this weekend
+ = waking up not in pain for the first time in 2 weeks
+ = liam and alex linking arms with me and walking me to class, and liam walking me to my chair
+ = finding $53 in change in my room
+ = finding out my refund has been deposited into my acct. so i now have more than $20 to my name again
+ = peanut butter on 9 grain toast ... mmmm
+ = jared wanting to hang out next week
+ = not going to math class tonight, because it's snowing baddd

- = snowing baddd
- = having a 3-4 page paper due next week for poli sci that i haven't started yet
+ = shouldn't be TOO hard i'm thinking ... it's an argument paper, and 3-4 page papers aren't TOO hard to write
- = not getting to see a certain person today, as much as i would have liked
- = leg hurting again wtf

looking at the +'s and the -'s I'd say that today has been an over all pretty good day, i cannot believe that this is already the end of the 5th week, last semester seemed to drag, and this one seems to be flying. it feels like i've accomplished nothing, but i've been keeping busy, so that's always good.

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I have the most awesome friends [20 Feb 2009|07:38pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I wasn't going to go out last night, but im glad that rhys, rose, and mr_liam_to_you talked me into going out. I didn't have a drink at all, which depending who you ask, may or may not be a surprise, but I still had an awesome time. I really needed it, I went out with friends two nights this week, and it was really nice. school has been going good for the most part, except math, but i've always been bad at it. rhys helped me with my math homework last night, and idk if he's just a good teacher, or if i'm finally getting it, but I actually understood what he was telling me. It put me in a mucho good mood. I don't really have anything else to update on right now.

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